Agricultural Concretes

Concretes For Agricultural Applications

Concrete mixes for use in agricultural environments are very specific. These concrete mixes are specially formulated and designed for the applications listed in the table below. If you were to order one of these concretes please ensure that you tell your concrete supplier which application is applicable as the price difference between these mixes may be significant.

Application                                     Concrete Consistence
Livestock floors RC28/35 S2 or S3
Stable floors RC35/45 S2 or S3
Crop storage floors RC28/35 S2 or S3
Silage floors and walls RC35/45 S2 or S3
Sugar beet storage areas RC32/40 S2 or S3
Workshop floors subject to heavy use (forklifts etc) RC32/40 S2 or S3
Brewers grain stores RC35/45 S2 or S3
Mushroom sheds RC32/40 S2 or S3
Dairy parlour floors RC35/45 S2 or S3
Floors and walls for manure and slurry stores RC32/40 S2
External yards and roads PAV 1 S2
External yards and roads subject to heavy traffic PAV 2 S2