General Concrete Applications

The table below lists some typical general applications for particular concretes.

Application                                     Concrete Consistence
Foundations, footings, blinding, trench fill, mass concrete GEN1 S2
Kerb backing, heavy duty blinding, drainage, septic tank base GEN3 S1
House & garage floors, conservatory floors, garden shed floors GEN3 S2
Reinforced foundations, light industrial floors, retaining walls, industrial bases, e.g. for diesel tanks, air conditioning units, etc RC28/35 S2
Swimming pools, fish ponds, water features, water retaining structures. (Aqueous Concrete) C28/35 Min cc 325 max w/c 0.50 S2
General industrial floors RC32/40 S2
House drives, paths, domestic parking areas and patios. PAV 1 S2
Heavy duty external paving, loading bays, bus bays, lorry parks, weighbridge ramps, farm yards. PAV 2 S2
Stable floors, slurry tanks, milking parlours, livestock floors, silage areas. RC35/45 S2
Any of the above flooring applications where power floating is required. RC32/40 S2